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Winter walk

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The weather was calm when we woke up, so we packed up some cold lunches and filled up a couple of flasks of tea and headed out on the road. It was a nice, easy day as we drove up to the Devon moors, not late enough that we got caught in any traffic, not early enough that the roads were covered in ice and perhaps a little dangerous. We turned off into country lanes, the kind that go along and feel like I need some loud music and good company, and then suddenly there is a corner so steeply rising and so bending backwards that I have to shift into first gear and navigate around a triangle of road… In the moors, maybe it’s only when the road bends back on itself 180 degrees that I think they need a warning sign. At one point I was feeling so frazzled from some of the smaller roads directly winding around the edge of the cliff, that I stopped in a small lay-by and we had our lunch there, then I drove to the top of the road and turned left and the most beautiful vista opened up with one car parked up overlooking a clear view as far as the curvature of the world could go, all sea and wild cliffs, and I said ‘oh, that would have been a nice place to have lunch…’ and we just laughed so much. Always the way!



Even though it was a long trail, we quite forgot about our tea in the bottom of our bags. As we were already so warmed with high spirits and the fast pace. The sea and the sky met each other, and were so fresh, quite unstormy really despite it still being winter. There was no wind, no cold or sea spray, just a small glow inside ourselves, and we were all alone on the track. Well, almost alone! There were wild goats everywhere, all up and down the cliff, and little baby ones, butting into each other and screeching in joy. I had no real thoughts today, nothing that really came to mind like it does sometimes when I’m walking or when I’m someplace new. Just the happiness of a new place to explore, a quiet space to piece together and let thoughts and feelings rest when they’re been exercised for a long time. Sometimes, all I need.




Anyway, I have a new friend with me today. My sister surprised me with this bag for my birthday. I’ve been thinking about it for so long, a pattern from a company in the Lake District but really didn’t expect anyone to not only buy his pattern and wool, but to make him too… a double, triple birthday present. I was so delighted. He is lined beautifully, and all the handles are felted to make them strong and durable. So of course he came straight on our journey with us, holding my camera when I wasn’t using it.


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