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No limits on us

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Last week I spent a wonderful time at a Youth Ambassador launch for ONE UK, an organisation campaigning to end extreme poverty. It was a privilege to be invited back as a Youth Ambassador. Not only this, but I got to meet some amazing young people determined to make change – and catch up with some old friends!

ONE Youth Ambassadors

I think there is nothing better than being surrounded with positive people looking towards the future. There’s an enthusiasm that just can’t be captured in any other way. It’s really unique representing this organisation as well, because they aren’t looking for donations from the public – they want to represent people’s voices, and there’s so many ways that anyone can do that.

When we went into Parliament, we had a chance to talk to Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP of Tooting. We were all entranced by her stories from working in the field of international development – she grew up having quite a hard life, and when she found out others had a harder life than her outside of the UK, she was determined to work to reduce this. And so far it sounds like she’s done a lot towards this, working directly in the field in a number of countries. One thing she said: “Never accept the limitations that others put on you”. Once she accepted this, she told us, nothing could stop her from working to achieve what she wanted.

Maybe a year or two ago, hearing that being said would have been a, ‘Oh that’s a lovely inspirational quote to scroll past, a nice Tumblr quote’. But hearing it today.. I don’t know, it resonated in that room. I think it was a good time in my life to hear it. A lot of people there felt the same way, and we discussed it afterwards for sometime, what that meant for us in our lives right now. We all really appreciated the chance to talk to someone in government who supported the work we were doing.

It’s great to see organisations giving a space for people to have a voice. Once people have a platform for change – particularly young people, who are finding their way and trying to discover how to make a difference in their day-to-day lives – a positive message for good can be greatly amplified. And so wonderful talking to the young people there on that day! There are some young people who have been representing ONE for many years, and some who have just joined this year and were excited by the launch party. I wish I could have got pictures with some of them! The organisation really looked after us and gave us lunch, dinner and accommodation, and helped a lot of the ambassadors on launching press releases. I know a lot of people there will be inspirational change makers for the future. Also, I got asked a lot of questions by people there about the travels I’ve done and the internships I’ve gone into – so that’s something I’ll write about later – it’s good to know people want to know these things so they can get into these opportunities.

I didn’t have time to take pictures so I’ve used one from ONE UK, and when I go back to the office for International Women’s Day on 1st March I’ll be able to take more photos, I hope. Thanks to the office for a great time – see you all again soon!