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New garden friends

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Since getting a wildlife camera in the garden over a year ago, I’ve been amazed at what comes into our garden. At first, it was just birds and squirrels, the odd cat. Then foxes! The same foxes coming back, always doing something different, sometimes bringing a friend. Then, finally, badgers! They seem to have more of a set trail, and only come along once in a while for a number of nights, before disappearing again.

And finally, the culprits behind the mysteries of our disappearing plums has been discovered – deer! Somehow – I’m not quite sure how – they come all the way across the fields and deliberately into the back of our land and eat them all in one night. Bucks, normally – and sometimes more than one.

My best find of all was a polecat. I’ve never captured one since, and they’re so rare in this part of England.

Still waiting for hedgehogs and even just the common rabbit!

I realised also when I was in Sweden that I should have definitely taken my remote camera along. We saw a tree at sunset that had been freshly gnawed by beavers and in the morning at dawn we came back to find the tree toppled over. That would have been amazing to capture!

So, anyway. These photos below aren’t taken on a wildlife camera, but I’ll share those videos at some point. We don’t need a wildlife camera for this new friend, because she comes so close! Our new friend (definitely a lady, but we call her Mr Fox) comes to visit every evening. If there’s no scraps of food out for the birds, she’ll just sit by the trees and see if anything interesting appears.


Foxes in England

Foxes in England

Foxes in England


Sometimes she’ll even bring her baby along!

Foxes in England

Foxes in England

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