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Never perfect

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Every time I turned this leaf in a different direction in the light, it revealed even more beautiful detail. Sometimes it reflected so much light that it seemed washed out and weak; sometimes it was full of webs of detail. So many perceptions are possible!

There is nothing more reviving like a spring’s day – and increasingly feeling more and more like summer, although it seems to be slowly on its way in starts and stops like a struggling motor car. On a walk through a place where the living world is thriving – a small park, a river, a wild space – the smaller, slower lives are growing and breathing and living. All I can think of today are the complexities down there, where each leaf is different, each blade of grass. Some look perfect on the outside but most are just in some stage of being, a little stunted or frayed.

Sometimes, we get so afraid. And for what reason? What reason, skulking in the shadows of our minds and in the depths of insecurity, fills us with so much fear? We are inconsistent. Sometimes under pressure, we bend and bend and never falter, and sometimes, at the slightest nod of tension, we splinter in two. Our weaknesses are our strengths and our strengths are our weaknesses, because we are mighty and dynamic, full of pain and love we don’t want to admit and reveal. But even while our legs and our veins are clenched to the ground, our heads and minds are far in the clouds and dreaming of some new future, some better day. We are multidimensional, fractured, full of myriad detail and intricacy, and never, ever perfect. What a joy and a freedom that is – and a lifelong journey to learn to embrace it!

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