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Iceland in 2016


Hi! If you’ve found this, you may be looking for an old post of mine, as I know a few of my older posts get a number of hits from Google. I just wanted to say I’ve taken the decision to delete all of my old posts and start afresh.

I’ve been a casual blogger ever since I started traveling. But things have changed. Those posts are old now. The past couple of years of work and play have been such a learning curve to me. Working in an office to working ‘from home’ (translation: from here, there and everywhere, wherever me and my bag are next). Learning what I truly like and how to do everything I want to do. Learning how to be authentic – to others, and to myself.

And people have been asking, when are you starting your blog, when are you going to start posting about all these adventures you’re going on?

The truth is, it has been getting a bit hard to approach writing and photography with very old posts still online. The things that mean the most to us are often those that are hardest to look square in the face, and writing became that to me. Writing on my blog was like opening a great, heavy journal of my life and faced with the weighty pages of the past. How nice would it be, to open a new notebook, to take a deep breath, and to begin again?

The great thing is, when your work is online, you can do whatever you like and you can reinvent yourself. And as I’d like to continue to journal and write as authentically as I possibly can, I thought it best in 2018 to start from scratch and bring new perspectives to my writing.

So I guess the answer to that question, ‘when are you starting your blog?’ is, ‘Well, it’s always been there. But now, now is when it really starts.’

Also, I’ve changed my blog address from Where Comfort Ends to here. Now it’s on a fresh slate, I hope my writing will be more personal than ever.

If you’re missing an old post and want the archive, please feel free to get in touch.

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